A sad Announcement from KudlaKart

sad.jpg This is a Sad thing to have to say : I need to stop KudlaKart & it’s services temporarily. Hi, My name is Karthik. I am a Mechanical Engineer. You guessed it right! Creator of this website. And of course, I am a Mangalorean.

Why am I stopping services in KudlaKart?

I started this website 4 years ago. I had ambitious goals to create a beautiful, worthwhile online shopping website with the best available prices for all the products like fast consumables, grocery, stationery goods, etc with instant home delivery that would be very successful, both creatively and financially — and therefore save lots of money for my customers and make fair income for myself. All along with my studies I created this website and got the best prices for every product from big distributors. The next step is to build a team to promote, provide unique service, maintain, etc which is not bearable by me alone. I am stuck with this step.

Message to all my website visitors :

If you find this site interesting, and want to take this business forward, please fell free to contact me to discuss further.

Is it worth investing?

Mangalore city has a population of ~6 lacks. People are always looking for improving the efficiency of their day-to-day activities, and we have seen eCommerce websites are major catalysts in this regard.

KudlaKart’s Current Status:

  1. Fully functional Website
  2. Good customer base.
  3. Search Engine Optimized. Eg: First in search result, One more first place
  4. Thousands of products already added.
  5. Other features include Coupon system, Referral system, bulk discount, product customizer, Order notification system (for pc, mobile phone, Mozilla, etc), Even multi-seller option for other vendors to sell on my website.
  6. Android, IOS, Windows apps (Under development). Latest design customer app. Also allows vendors to upload products.
  7. Payment Gateway Integration (Under development).
  8. Bulk Upload and Edit products via Excel and CSV sheets.
  9. Integrated Customer Relationship Manager.
  10. Responsive Theme, Email notifications, Auto Invoice generator, and many more to list…

What will happen to KudlaKart?

KudlaKart will be at your service as it gets a good investor or is handed over to an enthusiast entrepreneur. I will keep KudlaKart alive as long as I can. But at present, no orders will be processed.

What will happen to me?

I am working as an Engineering lead for Newscorp, Bangalore. In the Meantime will be searching for financial and managerial support for my site.
This Website taught me HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, and Mobile app development. My current job is to manage all of these with so many others.. all because of KudlaKart

You’re really angry that I’m stopping the service!

I am really sorry. I failed you. And it is very, very painful. No one wants KudlaKart to be a better place more than I. And I always strive to do my best.
It is a privilege to create this with and for you, and I feel a great deal of gratitude. Hope for the Best.

Yours lovingly,
Telegram: karthikbhatb