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Kanan Devan Tea 500g


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Product Description

Weight: 500 Grams Kannan Devan Tea is a refreshing break from work and a great idea to rebound and revive your energy for the eventful day that lies ahead. Kanan Devan tea with snacks makes for a perfect setting to sit and spend special moments with friends and family. The health benefits that Tata Kanan tea offers, along with refreshing aroma and taste, makes it all the more desirable. Another jewel in Tata tea brands, Kanan Devan tea gives you an all in one product with flavour, health and mesmerizing aroma. Be it over a tea party or an important meeting, Kanan Devan Tea is the answer for it all. No more worrying at the sudden arrival of guests for you now have Kannan Devan tea which goes perfectly well with all kinds of snacks and makes brings taste to the simplest of delicacies. Nutritional Information: Ener (kcal) 92, Protein(g) 19, Carbohydrate (g) 4, Sugar (g) Nil, Fat Traces.


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